Importance of Modular Cleanroom Service & Maintenance

Importance of Modular Cleanroom Service & Maintenance
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In this blog, Megan Ryales, Aftermarket Director, explores the importance of maintaining cleanroom standards and explains how preemptive Modular Cleanroom Service & Maintenance (AES +Care) can help identify potential problems before they become critical issues.

A cleanroom is the foundation of drug manufacturing, playing an essential role in maintaining optimum product integrity. Cleanroom systems must meet stringent industry regulations in terms of their design, build and maintenance to ensure quality control and consistency of the environment that is protecting the product.

Benefits of a Comprehensive Cleanroom Maintenance Strategy

A cleanroom is an investment that must be continuously monitored and maintained by experts to ensure ongoing product quality and safety. Here, Megan discusses the benefits of having a care plan in place to prevent cleanroom failure and mitigate the risk of disruption that could impact product quality.

To learn more about our considerations for effective cleanroom design, read our our article on our Cleanroom Design Methodology. This guide covers essential elements and considerations for creating a compliant and efficient modular cleanroom facility.

Proactive Cleanroom Maintenance with AES +Care

A cleanroom care plan can provide many services, from cleaning to maintenance, to assure optimum performance, cleanliness, and regulatory compliance.

Having an external partner that is an expert in cleanroom maintenance and inspection can protect your cleanroom against the unexpected. These specialists are qualified to identify issues and highlight any potential problems before they become critical. This ensures that a cleanroom facility continues to meet the defined regulations and mitigates the risk of disruption to a production line.

After an inspection is completed, the qualified technician provides a comprehensive field inspection report with a detailed analysis of the cleanroom. This report can serve as documented evidence, helping to demonstrate compliance and streamline batch release. It also ensures peak cleanroom operation compliance.

Expert Cleanroom Solutions with AES +Care

AES is a modular cleanroom expert with decades of experience in cleanroom design, cleanroom manufacturing and maintaining modular cleanrooms.

Our customizable cleanroom maintenance and service program, AES +Care, is a proactive support plan to protect your investment, ensuring your facility continues to work at peak efficiency. AES +Care offers the following:

  • Routine inspection: One of our trained technicians regularly inspects the cleanroom facility to uncover any irregularities that could become issues.
  • Critical and recommended spare parts: Access to regulatory-compliant parts if a replacement is required.
  • Scheduled and unscheduled service: Pre-booked services, in addition to impromptu responses by one of our expert cleanroom maintenance personnel.
  • Performance assurance program (PAP): Guaranteed product performance with financial protection against disruption or deviation from the designed purpose.
  • Emergency support: Short-notice access to support from our trained professionals when required.
  • Mechanical and architectural system support: Our specialists provide expert insight and cleanroom support.

Optional services spanning cleaning, modifications, and retrofits can be built into the program, offering your organization a fully tailored cleanroom maintenance and service solution. With AES +Care in place, cleanroom longevity is assured, ensuring streamlined and efficient protection of the manufacturing process to better serve patients in need.

To learn more about our experienced cleanroom contractors, visit our Cleanroom Construction page. Here, you’ll learn how AES can support your cleanroom project from the ground up, ensuring quality and compliance every step of the way.

Tailored Cleanroom Service Solutions with AES +Care

AES is an industry-leading cleanroom partner specializing in delivering tailored solutions to meet your specific needs. As experts in designing, constructing, and installing cleanroom systems, we create long-lasting cleanroom solutions with guaranteed quality assurance.

Our AES +Care Cleanroom Maintenance & Service Program allows us to work with you beyond the cleanroom installation stage to ensure that you can continue to deliver safe and effective treatments to patients quickly.

Contact us today and learn how we can help your organization protect your cleanroom against the unexpected.