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From the beginning, AES’ standards for high-quality has driven the company’s commitment to design and build the best cleanrooms possible to support the critical processes essential to their customer’s industries.

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AES Clean Technology is firmly rooted in providing the finest quality modular cleanroom construction and best value proposition for our clients. This is how AES was founded over three decades ago and will continue to guide our strategy as we grow into a bright future. We will continue to develop new cleanroom products as the needs of our clients dictate, and in compliance with changes in the industry expectations. We will employ new cleanroom technology whenever possible, will look to increase efficiency without compromising the integrity that is at the heart of everything we do.

Critical cleanroom facilities are our business. . . our only business.  We truly understand the role that we play in assuring the quality and integrity of the products and therapies that are manufactured inside our facilities.  Our facilities are designed and built as if our very lives depend on their speedy, successful execution.


AES had its humble beginnings as a family mechanical contracting business. In the early 1980’s cleanrooms started to pop up around Philadelphia, and the AES founders started to build cleanrooms for the likes of Merck, Shire, Astra, Zeneka, BMS and many more. It was through this initial experience that AES Clean Technology found their calling.

AES saw the benefits cleanrooms could provide in making the world a safer and healthier place. With this realization they decided to focus their effort and knowledge and resources exclusively on cleanrooms. It was through dedication to client satisfaction and building cleanrooms that work that AES began to gain notoriety as a reputable cleanroom mechanical contractor. These clients then began to ask AES to take on more scope and provide the same level of service for turnkey cleanrooms.

AES took this opportunity and ran with it. Not being a traditional contractor AES had no prior affinity for stickbuilt construction. In fact, as HVAC experts AES saw the detriment typical construction has in delaying cleanroom validation and operation. So, AES began researching and experimenting with the modular cleanroom approach. It was from these early days that AES saw the value in embracing new clean room technology to enhance cleanroom performance.

After moving to exclusive modular clean room construction, isolator technology began to emerge. Many thought this would be the death of the cleanroom, but AES saw it as an advantage to overall cleanroom performance. Instead of fighting the technology AES embraced it.

Modern day trends see cleanroom process spaces being built in modular mobile trailer type pods. There are great benefits to this technology, and some today this new trend will mark the end of traditional cleanrooms. AES recognizes the strengths in integrating these systems, but also realizes there are some limitations.


Our promise to our clients is we will always find the best fit modular clean room design solution to maximize value without ever sacrificing performance.

AES Overview

AES Clean Technology, Inc., was originally founded in 1986 by Cliff Satterfield as “Air Energy Systems”, a cleanroom design-build company specializing in the advanced mechanical systems essential for controlled manufacturing environments. His brother, Rob Satterfield, joined Cliff during the first year as partner and lead cleanroom designer. Together they developed a team of cleanroom experts committed to upholding a high standard of quality to make the company the success it is today.


Committed to Quality

From the beginning, AES’ standards for high-quality has driven the company’s commitment to design and build the best cleanrooms possible to support the critical processes essential to their customer’s industries. At numerous points in the company’s history, industry organizations have recognized AES Clean Technology’s excellence with honors and awards for cleanroom design, cleanroom construction, cleanroom safety and training programs, and twice the company has been named to the Philadelphia list of Fastest Growing Companies in the region. In 2007, the company was honored as the cleanroom contractor for the 2007 ISPE Facility of the Year category winner for Project Integration – Cook Pharmica, Inc. Bloomington, Indiana.

As cleanroom designers and cleanroom manufacturers, the commitment to quality was the key driver for integration of modular cleanroom architectural systems into their own cleanroom designs. The AES team was quick to grasp that conventional stick-built construction could not match the aseptic features of modular, pre-engineered finishes, or the schedule and cost benefits to their customers. During the 1990s, AES began the integration of modular cleanroom walls and ceiling systems into their projects.

In 2002, AES acquired MSS Clean Technology, Inc. the world’s premier modular cGMP wall and ceiling system, extending AES’ reach into the manufacture of premium cleanroom architectural systems. With a robust product development and Continuous Improvement Program in place, AES further developed the features of this system, and now the AES Pharma Wall and Ceiling System is the modular cleanroom system that leading architectural and engineering firms specify most often for their projects.


Committed to Growth

Additional company growth occurred as AES responded to their customers’ needs for custom laminar flow equipment to meet stringent regulatory standards. AES custom-engineered laminar airflow units, HEPA-filtered transport carts, fill-line barrier enclosures and other specialty items enable AES customers to meet exacting criteria for diverse applications in their controlled environment facilities.

In 2003, the company adopted a new name, AES Clean Technology, Inc. to reflect the company’s growth, and broad cleanroom capabilities. Corporate headquarters are located in Montgomeryville, PA, a suburb of Philadelphia, in a 20,000 Sq. Ft. building purchased by the company in 1999. Engineering, Construction, Sales, Marketing, Human Resources and Finance function from this location. Manufacturing operationsfor the AES Pharma System are located in the company’s 80,000 Sq. Ft. factory in Suwanee, Georgia.

Since 1986, AES has built a multi-million square foot portfolio of cleanrooms and cleanroom wall/ceiling envelopes to support the manufacture of the medicines, medical devices, and electronic components that improve the lives of millions of people throughout the world. Patients and families using those therapies and products are trusting government regulations and industry standards to ensure they are manufactured in safe, clean conditions. AES’ unique combination of cleanroom design-build and manufacturing expertise by the founders’ commitment to integrity and quality position AES as the industry’s best partner to meet cleanroom project regulatory, budgetary, and schedule goals.

In 2013, AES acquired Unified Building Systems. In business for over 20 years, Unified has been providing quality installation services for cleanrooms and controlled environments (Dry Room and Cold Room Storage). This acquisition enables AES to provide onsite installation labor for our AES Modular Cleanroom Wall and Ceiling System throughout North and South America and Europe.

AES has continued to separate itself from the competition and offers our customers complete in-house services from design engineering, project management, manufacturing, and installation to provide a quality driven and compliant cleanroom facility.