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Cleanroom Design

AES designers work as a team with our cleanroom construction personnel to engineer a cost-effective project that maximizes our speed for completion while minimizing risk for our clients through guaranteed results. When AES is brought onto the team early in the project’s lifecycle, our experts deliver the most value – not only in the infrastructure that supports the clean space but also the host building that surrounds it. Early cleanroom design integration saves design costs, expedites schedule, and eliminates duplication of services among members of the project team.

Cleanroom Design Details

Cleanroom Manufacturing

Ultimate flexibility. The AES wall and ceiling systems are pre-engineered, pre-manufactured, and lock together on site for ease and accuracy of cleanroom construction. Our products blend state of the art engineering with beautiful seamless flush finishes to provide predictable results for our clients. Engineered and manufactured in-house, the AES cleanroom solutions maximize compliance for critical environments.

Cleanroom Manufacturing Details

Cleanroom Install

Every day counts within a project’s schedule.  Patient life, return on investment, first to market – all are drivers that require a facility to be completed quickly and with predictable results.  AES builds our cleanroom facilities with our own technicians who understand modular cleanroom construction because that is all that they do. The AES system is engineered as a complete installed solution, removing risk from the construction process. When your project timeline is critical, you can rest assured that you have AES’ cleanroom experts on your team who have seen it all before.

Cleanroom Construction Details

Quality + Safety

Controlled conditions on the AES manufacturing floor deliver repeatable, high quality results that dramatically reduce man-hours on the construction site. AES facilities are pre-engineered as a system and are replicated all over the world with the same quality finishes and performance characteristics, regardless of location. AES choose the pre-engineered modular construction approach because it delivers predictable and repeatable performance while still allowing for ultimate customization and adaptability for the ever-changing environment of our clients’ biotech and pharmaceutical businesses.

Our exclusive Construction Quality Plan (CQP) is a protocol that is generated expressly for your cleanroom project, and is executed by our field team to document all aspects of the project’s lifecycle, including installation and operational verification. Most clients leverage this CQP to accelerate their validation activities and to reduce total project cost by minimizing the duplication of efforts between the cleanroom design/builder and the validation team.

Safety is the highest priority at AES, and removing processes from the field makes on-site construction safer. Pre-engineered modular cleanroom construction, featuring flat packed panel systems that are locked into place at the project site, optimizes the use of factory resources and field personnel to create the cleanroom facility. Similar to our construction quality plan, we develop a project specific safety plan that governs all that we do during a project. It is a culture of safety within our organization that not only protects our team members, but also minimizes risks on our clients’ project sites. This safety program is award-winning and repeatedly exceeds industry-leading safety metrics.

3 Steps to Cleanroom Project Success

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Step 1

AES Compass
Early planning with AES sets the stage for a successful project. Cleanroom facilities must be compliant not only to regulatory requirements, but also to strict environmental criteria that protect the products manufactured within the facility. AES Compass is a process of developing the initial concept for a cleanroom’s design by combining our facility expertise with our clients’ processing expertise. This initial engagement delivers tremendous value through a robust conceptual design package that fully defines the project’s expectations. The net result is a package of deliverables that are both technical and commercial in nature – focusing not only on the compliant design of the facility, but also on its cost, schedule, and execution strategy.

By leveraging our experience from millions of square feet of successfully completed facilities, AES seamlessly develops a cleanroom system that wraps around a client’s process. We utilize a standardized approach that leverages optimized strategies for material and personnel movement, integration of the latest in process technology, and confirming the host building infrastructure that is required to support the cleanroom facility.

The cost of this compliance planning effort is less than one percent of the total project cost, and the output is exceptional. The AES Compass program provides a business case executive summary, manufacturing and transition philosophies, basis of design information, a (FDA Type C) drawing package, a detailed project estimate, and a Level 1 schedule.

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Step 2

AESist Program
AES Clean Technology has a complete architectural and engineering team necessary to develop cleanroom projects for the following disciplines:
  • Architecture
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
AESiST is a continuation of the AES Compass program, developing the design comprehensively from BIM coordination through manufacturing and construction.
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Step 3a

AES Faciliflex
AES’ Faciliflex program provides guaranteed performance of the cleanroom facility – not only the beautifully compliant fit & finish of our modular cleanroom construction, but also the strict environmental performance guarantee – all combined into a fully functional asset. Faciliflex is our exclusive integrated cleanroom delivery method. This program focuses on providing guaranteed performance and high-quality finishes, all delivered at a fixed cost and schedule, thereby reducing risk for our pharmaceutical and biotech clients. Faciliflex can create a cleanroom facility inside a new building, or it can retrofit box-within-a-box construction inside an existing building. Our modular process deploys a repeatable cleanroom solution in a rapid and predictable manner, regardless of the host building context.

Throughout the design, construction, and commissioning phases of projects, there are often many handoffs between members of the project team. This traditional approach for facility execution often created risk for the client because each handoff has potential for miscommunication or gaps in responsibility. AES’ Faciliflex strategy is designed to specifically minimize those risks because AES is solely responsible for providing a cleanroom that performs as expected.

Faciliflex guarantees not only fit & finish, but also the performance of the cleanroom:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Cleanliness
  • Pressurization
  • Containment
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thumbnail <strong>Step 3b</strong>

Step 3b

Even without our complete Faciliflex program of guaranteed environmental performance within the AES cleanroom, you can still leverage AES’ best in class cleanroom wall and ceiling systems to deliver pre-engineered modular construction to your project. Our pharmaceutical and biotech cleanroom clients still implement the same beautifully compliant cleanroom envelope, but the AES scope of services is scaled back to that of a cleanroom “box” integrator. Although our services are reduced with this strategy and the environmental performance resides with another member of the project team, we still leverage our 35 years of experience with functional cleanroom environments when we integrate our cleanroom architecture and critical components within it. This solution is regularly leveraged by the world’s leading architect & engineering teams as well as construction management firms in order to improve their offering to the life science community. AES Box combines our modular solutions with our experienced installation team to construct a tight and compliant cleanroom envelope.
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The AES Wall & Ceiling is the cGMP best in class cleanroom system. 

When you choose an AES cleanroom, you will have limitless flexibility guaranteed to perform.