CleanLock Module

Introducing: The CleanLock ModuleTM

Welcome to the Future of Cleanroom Technology

Experience Unparalleled Cleanliness and Speed
At AES Clean Technology, we understand the critical importance of maintaining ultra-clean environments in industries such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical device, high tech manufacturing, and more. That’s why we’re proud to introduce the CleanLock Module™ – a revolutionary airlock solution designed to enhance cleanliness, speed, and efficiency in your cleanroom project execution.

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The Ultimate Solution for Contamination Control

Featuring state-of-the-art technology and precision engineering, the CleanLock Module™ provides a seamless transition for people and materials entering and exiting cleanroom environments. Its innovative 3-dimensional design modularizes these intensely coordinated and repeatable segments of any cleanroom project to accelerate installation, maximize quality, improve site safety, and deliver predictable performance of door control operations – all in a single packaged solution.

Key Features:

Enhanced Contamination Control

Our prefabricated airlock utilizes AES proprietary cleanroom finishes, patented lighting, verified airflow patterns, and fully functional door controls to create a highly controlled environment that can be rapidly integrated into the facility without delay.

Speed of Execution

Designed with client protocols in mind, the CleanLock Module™ features an optimal layout with interlocking controls, making it easy and convenient to plug into the project as a fully commissioned room.

Sure Fit

CleanLock Module™ is specifically tailored to meet our modular systems-specific requirements. Prefabricated and delivered onsite, our solution provides unparalleled quality, performance, and speed to operational readiness.

Industry Standards + Regulations

You can rest assured that our CleanLock Module airlock complies with industry standards and regulations, ensuring adherence to stringent cleanliness and operational protocols in cleanroom environments.

Unlock the Future of Cleanroom Technology

Unlock the Future of Cleanroom Technology – Join leading organizations worldwide who trust AES Clean Technology for their modular cleanroom needs. Contact us today to learn more about how the CleanLock Module™ can revolutionize your cleanroom operations.