Cleanroom Maintenance & Service


Protect Your Cleanroom Against the Unexpected.

Your cleanroom is the most critical piece of equipment to your entire manufacturing process. Any disruption that could lead to cleanroom downtime might derail your entire operation. Protect your investment and keep your system operating at peak efficiency with AES +Care.

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Experience + Support

We have decades of experience in designing, manufacturing, and maintaining modular cleanrooms. AES +Care is designed to support your routine maintenance to identify and solve potential disruptions long before they become critical issues. Speak to one of our experts today to develop a proactive support plan so you never have to worry about unexpected downtime in your cleanroom.


Plan Benefits | AES +Care Plans

Additional AES Services & Support Provided:

  • Routine Inspection
  • Critical & Recommended Spare Parts
  • Scheduled & Unscheduled Service
  • Performance Insurance Program (PAP)
  • Emergency Support
  • Mechanical & Architectural System Support

Optional Services:

  • Certifications
  • Cleaning
  • Modifications
  • Balancing
  • Wall Protection
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