The AES Marquee Walkable Cleanroom Ceiling System: Part 2, Why Litebeam™ is Simply Astounding

The AES Marquee Walkable Cleanroom Ceiling System: Part 2, Why Litebeam™ is Simply Astounding
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In our previous AES blog post, we discussed the virtues of the AES Marquee Walkable Cleanroom Ceiling System. Our ceiling system was built from decades of experience and our constant improvement in cleanroom manufacturing, cleanroom design, and modular cleanroom installation.

In part 2 of our cleanroom ceiling system series, we want to take a moment to discuss another cleanroom technology innovation that stems directly from our in-house cleanroom expertise:  AES Litebeam™, a linear, solid-state LED cleanroom lighting system designed to be flush installed into the AES Marquee Walkable Cleanroom Ceiling System.

AES clean technology cleanroom lighting layout

Available in a variety of lengths, AES Litebeam™ integrates directly into the beams of the cleanroom ceiling, providing a pleasingly uniform soft light throughout the facility. Because it is integrated into the cleanroom ceiling, AES Litebeam™ can be installed without the need to cut ceiling openings, creating a safer working platform—and without the worry of compromising the cleanroom environment or your cleanroom construction timetable.

So, without further ado, here are the Top 7 Reasons Why AES Litebeam™ is Simply Astounding:

1) Keeps walkable cleanroom ceilings tidier and safer. Since AES Litebeam™ integrates into the AES Marquee Walkable Cleanroom Ceiling System beams, all electrical connections can be placed on the outer sides of the ceiling. The lights are flush-mounted top and bottom, so no wires or fixtures to trip workers. That provides you with a clutter-free floorspace—above the ceiling. 

2) Pre-certified excellence. All AES Litebeam™ fixtures are both U.L. listed and IP65 rated for cleanroom use.

3) Long-lasting brilliance. Solid-state AES Litebeam™ fixtures are built to last, with an estimated mean time before failure (MTBF) of > 140,000 hours—that’s close to 16 years of lighting. 

4) Bright and efficient. AES Litebeam™ is also a bright idea for your (literal) overhead expenses, offering about 190 lumens per Watt of efficiency. 

5) Cool. Very Cool. LEDs provide a steady light without heat. While it might not seem like much, when you compare Litebeam™ to traditional fluorescent lighting, you will put a 50% smaller load on your facility’s HVAC cooling system.

6) Easy on the eyes. While LED often has a reputation for harsh light, AES Litebeam™ can be configured for a variety of lighting outputs, from a warm white 3500 Kelvin to a near daylight white 5000K. A 1-10V control can provide continuous dimming for the entire system.

7) Made in the USA with a five-year full system warranty. AES provides a comprehensive five-year replacement warranty and guarantees against color shifting within the stated L70 lifetimes. All AES Litebeam™ systems are manufactured in our state-of-the-art cleanroom manufacturing facility in Suwanee, Georgia

That’s a lot of astounding features for a cleanroom lighting system. Of course, AES Clean Technology will work with you to design the best lighting options for all of your cleanroom design build needs.

View some of our latest cleanroom projects that utilize our AES Marquee Walkable Cleanroom Ceiling System and AES Litebeam™ system, and for more information on AES Litebeam™, please feel free to contact us using the below form; our cleanroom experts are here to assist!

Modular Cleanroom lighting project

About the Authors:

Chris Hohn has been with AES since 2016, starting his career as an estimator, and transitioning to a project development engineer role in 2019. Chris studied civil & architectural engineering at Drexel University and was always fascinated by unique construction projects and materials. In early 2020, Chris opened the AES west coast office, located in Irvine, California.

Matthew Korkuch is a project manager for AES. He has worked in the construction department since 2012 in a variety of roles. In March of 2020 Matt relocated to AES’ Irvine, CA location in order to better serve west coast clients.