VIDEO: AES Design Build Featuring AES Compass + AES Faciliflex

VIDEO: AES Design Build Featuring AES Compass + AES Faciliflex
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AES Design Build Featuring AES Compass + AES Faciliflex

This video highlights a recent AES project that started as with AES Compass – Cleanroom Facility Programming a pre-project consulting which sets the stage for a successful project. Cleanroom facilities must be compliant not only to regulatory requirements, but also to strict environmental criteria that protect the products manufactured within the facility. AES Compass is a process of developing the initial concept for a cleanroom’s design by combining our facility expertise with our clients’ processing expertise.

The project rolled into AES Faciliflex- our Integrated Cleanroom Delivery Program which combines Architectural + Mechanical . AES’ Faciliflex program provides guaranteed performance of the cleanroom facility – not only the beautifully compliant fit & finish of our modular cleanroom construction, but also the strict environmental performance guarantee – all combined into a fully functional asset. 

Featuring AES Latest Components :

AES Omni TM Utility Raceway – is a Pre-Piped/Pre-Wired Utility Raceway designed to snap into the AES Profile Wall Panel. AES Omni ™ is engineered for rapid installation and eliminates the needs for multiple trades coordinating on site. AES Omni ™ provides utilities in any configuration you need adding additional flexibility to the most flexible cleanroom system on the market.

AES Litebeam TM Integrated LED Light litebeam is a state-of-the-art linear LED lighting system designed for flush integration into our 3” thick (75 mm) cleanroom Marquee Walkable Ceiling. AES LitebeamTM fixtures are installed as an integrated part of the ceiling system, eliminating cut openings for traditional fixture layouts while delivering a uniform light pattern throughout the cleanroom.

AES Infinity TM Glass Wall System AES Infinity Glass Wall System® brings the benefits of glass to your cleanroom — added viewing area, versatility, efficiency, and space saving — all while supporting cleanroom sanitary conditions. The AES Infinity Glass Wall System® can be integrated with the AES pharma cleanroom wall and ceiling system.