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AES Profile

The AES Profile cleanroom system is another AES hallmark system, a 2” [50mm] thick modular wall system with a uPVC finish, with all seams cold welded together to create a monolithic finish. The reduced wall cross section with all flush finishes at doors and windows provides a superior performing system.
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AES Marquee

The cleanroom ceiling that started the walkable revolution, innovated and designed inhouse by AES engineers. The AES marquee system is AES’ hallmark system, a walkable monolithic ceiling system with an uPVC finish, with all seams cold welded together to create a monolithic finish. This system comes in either 2” [50mm] or 3” [75mm] thick, depending … Continue reading "AES Marquee"
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AES Litebeam Ceiling

The AES litebeam is a patented and one-of-a-kind 4” [100mm] wide linear LED light which is fully flush and integrated into the 3” [75mm] AES marquee ceiling system, providing a fully flush surface on both surfaces of the ceiling. These lights have a lighting level dimmable controller, and provide greater flexibility when locating HEPA air … Continue reading "AES Litebeam Ceiling"
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AES Infinity Glass Wall System

When transparency is paramount, the AES infinity system provides the viewer with a close-up and very clear viewing experience, enabling interested personnel to see the process without entering the cleanroom environment. The AES infinity glass wall system is easily integrated with other wall systems.
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AES W.O.L.F. Light

The W.O.L.F. Light was developed in partnership with safety groups at leading pharmaceutical companies. The WOLF Light is designed with a flush top and structural reinforcement built-in, effectively preventing a potential trip hazard that exists with other units, and possible fall-through while servicing the light is easy to clean and comes in a 2×2 or … Continue reading "AES W.O.L.F. Light"
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AES Adaptwall

The AES adaptwall is a ½” [12mm] thick uPVC cleanroom wall liner system, attached to steel studs using the AES attachment system. All seams are cold welded together to create a monolithic finish. The system includes Z-Clip brackets to attach to a metal stud framing system provided by others. Also included is powder coated aluminum … Continue reading "AES Adaptwall"
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AES Parasol

The AES parasol system consists of a Patented ½” [12mm] thick, non-walkable monolithic ceiling system with a uPVC finish, with all seams cold welded together to create a monolithic finish. (Patent No. US10,612,236 B1)
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AES Omni

The AES Omni allows you to put piping and outlets anywhere in your room. Even though our wall panels have a raceway on both sides of the panel, some clients need additional flexibility. The Omni elegantly solves this problem while moving construction offsite and improving safety.
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IntroducingFaciliflex Module

AES Clean Technology introduces Faciliflex Module, a transformational new concept in designing cleanrooms for the production of lifesaving therapeutics. Cleanroom design becomes as simple as mixing and matching separate pre-designed processing room configurations to create the most efficient, custom facility—with each processing room module designed to connect together and create a fully integrated, climate-controlled cleanroom. Faciliflex Module reduces client risks to production, design-build timelines, and escalating costs.