AES Opens New Office in Irvine, CA

AES Opens New Office in Irvine, CA
Irvine, CA, October 1, 2019 – AES Clean Technology, a global leader in modular cleanroom manufacturing and rapid cleanroom design/build with headquarters in Montgomeryville, PA, announces the opening of a new office in Irvine, CA.  

AES Clean Technology will have the ability to satisfy the needs of the West Coast through its office in Irvine, CA.   As a leader in the industry, AES strategically selected the new location to accommodate the increase in market demands in the region.    

“AES has an amazing portfolio of completed projects in the western US and Canada that we have designed and built over the last 20 years.  We are excited that our Irvine, CA office will enhance our capabilities to better serve new clients and existing clients alike with cleanroom facility solutions.  We have seen tremendous growth throughout the entire western region and anticipate this office becoming a major contributor to our strategy of helping our clients bring their life-altering treatments to market. “ -Grant Merrill, AES President & CEO.

Contact information for AES Clean Technology Irvine, CA:
530 Technology Drive Suite 100
Irvine, CA  92618
Office: 949-356-9881
IntroducingFaciliflex Express

Faciliflex Express is a pre-designed cleanroom solution that delivers a commissioned cleanroom in as little as 6 months. Pre-designed standard cleanroom layouts are the next generation for snap together installation of modular panel systems. Faciliflex Express has 3 models 5k, 15k, and 30k representing cleanrooms of approximately 5,000, 15,000, and 30,000 square foot.