AES Clean Technology launches OMNI™ Electric Utility Raceway

AES Clean Technology launches OMNI™ Electric Utility Raceway
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This latest product is an innovative power and data management system that reduces risk and accelerates cleanroom delivery for the life sciences and pharmaceutical industry.

AES Clean Technology, a leading provider of high-performance cleanroom facilities within the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry, announces the launch of its smart cable management system for cleanrooms – the AES OMNI™ Electric Utility Raceway.

The OMNI™ Electric Utility Raceway is an expansion from its sister product, the OMNI™ Gas Utility Raceway. It was created to ensure a smoother cleanroom delivery for AES Clean Technology’s partners.

Grant Merrill, CEO of AES Clean Technology, said: “The OMNI™ Electric Utility Raceway was created based on our partners’ feedback, who found success using our sister-product in their cleanroom. We strongly believe it is the cleanest approach to electrical utility access in the industry and look forward to hearing more from our partners on the success of the product within their facilities”.

The raceway is pre-manufactured and arrives to project sites with up to 6 pre-wired ports based on a partners’ preference. Users can select their optimal data, power options up to 300V, circuiting, and outlet heights (including near ceiling to eliminate low cords).

Our customers find value in the new raceway as it substantially reduces the cost and time needed to provide electrical utility integration and cuts the risk of creating dust particles and contaminants in cleanroom environments.

Merrill added: “Ensuring a seamless cleanroom delivery is important to AES because it means our customers can focus on their life saving sciences”.

It can easily be installed by AES’s highly trained installation teams into new or existing cleanrooms.

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AES Cleanroom Technology

AES Cleanroom Technology is a leading modular cleanroom facilities provider for pharmaceutical and biotechnology customers engaging in clinical research through commercial manufacturing, addressing unmet medical needs in areas such as immunotherapy, diabetes, cancer, and various other debilitating conditions. AES has been a valued partner in Operation Warp Speed as its cleanroom facilities have supported the manufacturing of COVID vaccines, antibody therapeutics, and diagnostic devices.

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