AES Celebrates Continued Success through Investment by WJFS, Inc.

AES Celebrates Continued Success through Investment by WJFS, Inc.


AES Celebrates Continued Success through Investment by WJFS, Inc.

Long-term investment strategy will fuel innovation and future growth


Montgomeryville, PA, March 22, 2019:


AES Clean Technology, Inc. is very pleased to announce that WFJS, Inc. has acquired 100% of the equity stock of AES Clean Technology.


Grant Merrill has been promoted to President and CEO of the company.  Rob Satterfield will continue in his current role as Vice President of Engineering.  All other aspects of internal operations will remain exactly the same.


Grant reports “From the beginning, the WJFS team has been impressed with our employee culture, product innovation, and the strong customer relationships within our business. WJFS is distinctly positioned to help continue to invest in and grow AES, while at the same time providing continuity for AES’ employees and management. WJFS has made it clear that they plan for operations to continue as normal, and they will also seek to further strengthen the position of AES in the cleanroom market.”


Grant adds “AES will continue to provide best-in-class Design, Manufacture, & Installation of Cleanroom Facilities for our clients.  We are excited about our future growth, and the opportunity to positively impact the industry.”


About AES Clean Technology, Inc.


Over three decades ago, AES Clean Technology, Inc. began a journey of building modular clean room facilities for the world’s most innovative companies. Since that time, AES facilities have enabled the manufacturing of life-saving treatments and life-altering products under the cleanest and safest conditions.


Some of the proudest AES moments since 1986:

  • Trailblazing the first immunotherapy cleanroom facilities with Dendreon for the treatment of prostate cancer
  • Partnering with Penn Medicine and Novartis to create the first FDA-approved facility for CAR-T therapy in the treatment of leukemia
  • Celebrating 20 years of cleanroom projects that have processed donor tissue and bone products through the Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation


AES Clean Technology continues to develop new ways to deliver modular clean rooms and clean room design projects faster, safer, and cleaner for our clients, enabling them to focus on their core business of bringing therapies to market. For more information about out industry-leading modular clean room solutions, please feel free to contact us and connect with one of our experts!


About WJFS, Inc.


WJFS is a single-family investment firm located in West Chester, PA. The firm’s long-term investment philosophy, financial strength, strong operational background, and focus on employee culture has positioned WJFS to be a fantastic owner for the future growth and stability of AES Clean Technology to further enhance the design and construction of renowned modular clean room facilities.



IntroducingFaciliflex Express
Faciliflex Express is a pre-designed cleanroom solution that delivers a commissioned cleanroom in as little as 6 months. Pre-designed standard cleanroom layouts are the next generation for snap together installation of modular panel systems. Faciliflex Express has 3 models 5k, 15k, and 30k representing cleanrooms of approximately 5,000, 15,000, and 30,000 square foot.