The Cleanroom Veteran Podcast Episode

The Cleanroom Veteran Podcast Episode
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Listen to the latest episode of Molecule to Market that goes inside the outsourcing space of the global drug development sector with Grant Merrill President & CEO at AES Clean Technology.

The host, Raman Sehgal, discusses the pharmaceutical and biotechnology supply chain with Grant, covering:

  • Becoming the leader of the business that he dreamt of representing.
  • The need for cleanrooms to work in an invisible way as the most critical square footage at the core of the facility.
  • Having to keep up with demand during the pandemic with the swelling production needed due to covid vaccines.
  • The new therapeutic areas that are driving market growth and the need to let science flourish.
  • Why the CMO space is poised for growth in both drug substance and drug product.
  • The simple but magical abilities of being able to communicate and building personal relationships.

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