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AES Clean Technology, Inc.

AES is the leader in turnkey design, manufacturing, and construction, of modular cleanroom systems, and we build custom cleanroom equipment for life science and technology companies. In-house AES cleanroom experts include technical and professional staff to manage your cleanroom project from concept design through construction, commissioning and turnover.

AES specializes in modular systems because modular cleanroom technology delivers more speed, cleanliness, quality, and repeatable performance to your cleanroom project.  Predictable finishes, costs, and schedule add value to every dollar of your investment delivering the highest value to facility operations and ensuring quality for years to come.  The AES Modular Cleanroom Systems also makes it easier to upgrade, retrofit, and expand your existing cleanroom facilities.

AES manufactures modular hardwall, softwall and portable cleanrooms so that we can provide the system that is most cost effective for your application.   AES is one of only a few manufacturers with the in-house expertise to provide just what your cleanroom project requires.  AES also provides the advanced modular cleanroom components for integration or upgrade of your cleanroom facility.  AES also maintains a wide range of affiliations and certifications, insuring that your cleanroom meets the most rigid industry standards.

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