Todd Hagerich

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Todd Hagerich is an HR leader who thrives at setting up companies for future growth and profitability by orchestrating positive change.  After leading 4 acquisitions which resulted in Todd working for 8 companies in 7 different industries, he’s become extremely adept at managing growth oriented change while nurturing what has made each business successful.  He’s typically worked for small to mid-sized divisions or stand-alone companies which were purchased by Fortune 500 companies such as Danaher, Schlumberger, Ingredion, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and Owens-Corning.  It’s these experiences which tie very well to AES’s track record of innovation and growth.


Todd says…“The key to success in driving results is by truly trying to understand every aspect of the business.  Once that understanding is there, I rigorously apply continuous improvement in 3 primary areas, People, Process and Systems.  I relentlessly work to optimize talent by developing people and by hiring the best.  I streamline processes to simplify work and reduce waste, and lastly, I implement systems to automate work.”


Todd and his wife, Kim met at Ohio State, have been married for over 29 years, and have 2 daughters.  When not working with the fantastic team at AES, Todd enjoys spending time with his family watching his daughter’s high school activities, and going on road trips to see his other daughter at Ohio State.


IntroducingFaciliflex Module

AES Clean Technology introduces Faciliflex Module, a transformational new concept in designing cleanrooms for the production of lifesaving therapeutics. Cleanroom design becomes as simple as mixing and matching separate pre-designed processing room configurations to create the most efficient, custom facility—with each processing room module designed to connect together and create a fully integrated, climate-controlled cleanroom. Faciliflex Module reduces client risks to production, design-build timelines, and escalating costs.