Eric Sams

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Eric Sams has over 20 years of experience in manufacturing operations.  He applies several years of plant management experience in the automotive industry to manufacturing execution in Suwanee, Georgia.  Eric joined the AES team in January, 2021 and is focused on achieving high levels of success in safety, quality and delivery.  He earned his BA in Supply Chain Management from Michigan State University and his MBA from the University of Massachusetts.

Eric says, “I enjoy coaching and developing others to achieve positive results.  I value leadership philosophy, standardization and an approach centered around people and processes.  People drive our business, they are my number one priority.”

Outside of work, Eric enjoys spending time with the four girls in his life, his wife Diane and three daughters, Avery, Harper and Hazel.  Together they enjoy spending time outside mountain biking, playing soccer, running and playing golf.  Inside, they cheer on the MSU Spartans in all sports.  Eric likes to think he bleeds green.

IntroducingFaciliflex Module

AES Clean Technology introduces Faciliflex Module, a transformational new concept in designing cleanrooms for the production of lifesaving therapeutics. Cleanroom design becomes as simple as mixing and matching separate pre-designed processing room configurations to create the most efficient, custom facility—with each processing room module designed to connect together and create a fully integrated, climate-controlled cleanroom. Faciliflex Module reduces client risks to production, design-build timelines, and escalating costs.