Cliff Satterfield

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Back to All People

Cliff has over 40 years’ experience in Construction and Operational experience.

As founder of AES Cliff says: “I like the fact that we earn the confidence of our clients by providing a unique and superior approach to their projects. There is a lot of satisfaction in executing contracts from the leaders in Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Medical Device, and Electronics companies in the world. We have a company that consistently provides high-quality professional service and products. Over 30 years is an achievement that everyone at AES is proud of. I am very pleased that our employees are now our partners in AES.

AES continues to advance cleanroom technology and project execution methodology.  The result is long-term client relationships. Over the years AES employees have made this possible through their hard work and dedication to excellence.”

Outside of AES Cliff is passionate about health and wellness and operates a number of sports clubs.