Entry Level / Junior EHS Coordinator

Entry Level / Junior EHS Coordinator

Position Description

AES is looking for an Junior Environmental Health & Safety Coordinator, to assure all workers at a construction site are working in a safe manner and environment and are following all safety procedures as outlined in the project’s JSA (job safety analysis) for the client and the employer.

Other roles may involve developing, enforcing, and implementing policies that reduce the risk of incidents and to conduct site safety assessments. Also, the EHS coordinator will collaborate with other AES and Contractor personnel in identifying potential hazards on project sites, including hazardous chemicals, as well as electrical and physical hazards and finding ways to reduce or eliminate these hazards.

Position Responsibilities
  1. Create and develop JSA’s (job safety analysis) for all our installation projects.
  2. Help with investigation of incidents throughout the organization. OSHA 301, 300 and 300A forms and documentations.
  3. Assure preventive and corrective actions are executed in addressing incidents.
  4. Support and monitor key performance indicators including toolbox talks and meetings with teams to address safety actions.
  5. Support and aid management with all categories and activities tied to safety training, education, and proficiencies.
  • 4-year bachelor’s degree in occupational safety, construction management, environmental health or related field of study is optimal. Added plus would be ASP (Associate Safety Professional) or GSP (Graduate Safety Professional) certification holders.
  • Ability to communicate and understand Spanish speakers as well as fluency in English.
  • Good team player, self-confident, motivated, and independent individual.
  • SHA 10 and 30-hour certification are also added advantages.
  • Ability to communicate well both orally and in writing as well as be familiar with office and cloud applications.
  • Strong listening skills to be able to get valuable information from employees.
  • Broad knowledge of industry standards and regulations (OSHA, EPA, DOT, et al).
  • Good organizational and record-keeping abilities — the ability to maintain good records of all safety incidents and corrective and preventive actions.
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