Cleanroom Curtain and Other Partitioning Materials

Cleanroom Curtains offer Quick, Easy Contamination Control

  • Separate rooms within your building or warehouse
  • Seal off sensitive process areas
  • Create a clean “zone” within a larger cleanroom area

Cleanroom Vinyl Curtains Including:

  • Low outgassing standard vinyl or static dissipative vinyl
  • Non-outgassing, static dissipative polyurethane
  • Light Blocking Curtain
  • Laminated Insulated curtain

Mounting systems include AES Flextrack, a one-piece white PVC system,

And 2-piece anodized aluminum mounting hardware systems for flat wall, in-jamb or t-grid applications

Solid cleanroom vinyl curtain

  • Create the size and shape needed with RF welded seams and wrap-around corners
  • Ideal for fixed, solid softwall applications, bi-folding type curtains, sliding or insulated panels
  • In thicknesses from .040, .060, .080 mil.
  • Clear, Frosted, White, Amber Tint, Smoke Tin, Blue, Grey Black and Tan

Easy access strip curtains.

  • Choose from a variety of widths and overlap options
  • Available in standard and anti-static vinyl.
  • Colors include clear, frosted, opaque black, white, tan and blue, smoke-grey, amber, or OSHA orange tint. 

The AES 2000-AL Series panels create do-it-yourself partitions throughout your facility

Panel insert materials include solid vinyl in colors and thicknesses shown above.

Other insert materials include:

  • 50/50 wall configurations with clear material on top half and opaque color on bottom
  • Acrylic or Polycarbonate panels in clear and colors, as well as scratch resistant and anti-static coatings
  • Rigid PVC and ABS panels in various textures and colors
  • Laminated aluminum panels
  • Thermo-insulated Polycarbonate or insulated vinyl panels

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