Cleanroom Flooring

AES offers various flooring systems including epoxy, vinyl flake, and sheet vinyl systems as part of the cleanroom scope of work.

Floor to Wall Integration at Airwall Corridor

AES Cleanroom wall panels are installed on an adjustable floor track that is secured to the floor slab.  This adjustable floor track allows a recess for the flooring material to be coved and finished flush with the face of the clean room wall panel.

Resinous Flooring at Door and Corner

AES can offer a comprehensive selection of resinous floors with various thicknesses, chemistries and finishes to suit your application and budget.  Mortar bases are generally trowelled to form a monolithic cove at the intersection with the AES wall system, and then the floor areas are either broadcast or trowelled.  These systems are offered with various top coat finishes to create the chemical and chip resistance that is required. 

AES suppliers include:

  • StonHard
  • CornerStone
  • General Polymers
  • Sika
  • Durex
  • Or owner specified manufacturer

Vinyl Flooring

Cleanroom vinyl flooring can be supplied and installed by AES in accordance with the manufacturers recommended installation methods.  Vinyl seams are heat welded, providing an impervious, hard wearing, homogeneous floor finish.  AES can provide any cleanroom vinyl flooring type (i.e. static dissipative, conductive, and chemical resistant, etc.)  as required for individual projects, and are not limited to specific suppliers.

Raised Access Flooring

AES Microelectronics and Semiconductor cleanroom designs can incorporate raised access flooring when best option.  Floors incorporate perforated and dampered tiles to allow for uniform air flow through the floor.  Removable panels allow easy access to under floor utility systems.  Various pedestal options are available to accommodate process loading requirements.  Finishes include static dissipative and conductive options. 

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