AES Walkable Ceiling

The AES Pharma Walkable Ceiling provides the important advantage of a walkable platform during construction and safe maintenance access above the ceiling after completion.  These ceilings are designed with a flush, monolithic cGMP finish on the cleanroom side and eliminates or minimizes the need for expensive catwalks and mezzanines above.  Customers appreciate safe, easy maintenance, and GMP compliance offered by the AES Pharma Ceiling System. The AES Walkable Ceiling System is FM Global approved with low flame-spread and smoke-developed ratings per ASTM testing requirements.

Although the primary application was developed for Pharma and Biotech facilities, the walkable ceiling has been used as a stand-alone product for a cost effective solution for a walkable ceiling in many industrial applications. 

The AES Walkable Ceiling System is an aluminum framed, non-combustible composite panel, featuring a uPVC finish over galvanized steel with a honeycomb aluminum core. There is no gypsum, mineral wool or foam core insulation that can absorb moisture or humidity.

The AES Walkable Ceiling System utilizes a food-safe unplasticized (uPVC) durable roomside finish. This finish has been tested against the harshest sanitizing and cleaning agents in the industry (contact AES for test results).

Ceiling apertures, to include openings for HEPA filters and cleanroom light fixtures, are factory cut utilizing state of the art automated equipment to assure perfect opening sizes and location.

AES integrates the AES “WOLF” (Walk-On Light Fixture) exclusively designed for integration into AES' 2” or 3” walkable ceiling, for a continuous walk-on rated platform, further minimizing potential trip hazards.

Installation Features
The ceiling system uses architectural grade aluminum alloy ceiling beams supported by drop rods and turnbuckles to allow accurate leveling of the flush ceiling system.  Ceiling beams are typically spaced on 10’ centers providing for 10’ open bays. AES' unique flush beam design eliminates the need to hang and level each panel individually.  This feature saves time and cost, and allows greater flexibility during installation and future expansion.

Total Live & Dead Load: 20lbs. per sq. ft. (typical); greater than 20lbs. (Optional)

Benefits with the AES Pharma Ceiling:

  • Designed for live loads: (4’ x 10’ and 5’ x 10’ panels)
  • Accelerated construction schedule-concurrent above/below ceiling construction activities
  • cGMP Room-side finish
  • Pre-engineered for predictable, repeatable quality
  • Minimizes ceiling hazards associated with stick-built construction
  • Safe, easy, after-market maintenance and inspection
  • Integration of seismic bracing is available where required
  • Flexibility: Devices can be added or removed.

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