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Modular Wall & Ceiling System

The AES Pharma Wall and Walkable Ceiling System is a pre-engineered, modular cleanroom system designed for integration into pharmaceutical, biotechnology and other critical manufacturing environments to achieve the goals of a cleanroom operation that can be validated.


Suitable for all cleanroom classifications, the AES Pharma Cleanroom System is designed for compliance with FDA, EU and ISO standards. The wall panel system and walkable ceiling have been granted Factory Mutual Approval and are approved for use in Factory Mutual (FM) and insured facilities. Underwriters Laboratories, (UL) has granted Assembly Approval for electrical raceways incorporated into the AES Wall System.

Manufacturing Made in America

AES Wall and Ceiling System are manufactured by AES Clean Technology, Inc, under controlled factory conditions in accordance with AES Quality Protocol. All panels are made in America and receive a sticker as such.

AES Qualified Installation

Installation of the system is governed by AES Clean-Build protocol and AES project execution best practices, as detained by Construction Quality Plan (CQP). The plan ensures that quality is built into the project as work is performed, as opposed to being checked during commissioning activities. The CQP describes the overall strategy, specifies the required steps, and defines the documentation provided.

AES Green Building and LEED Rating System

Green Building is a collection of practices used in creating structures in a manner that is environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout a building's life-cycle.  AES Clean Technology, Inc. is pleased to offer materials that include a high percentage of recycled content.  Through the LEED Credits for Recycled Content, an owner or a contractor may obtain points towards the construction projects LEED Certification based on the recycled content of the materials provided.

Other AES Modular Cleanroom Solutions

The AES Performance Wall is ideally suited for our customers in the medical device, microelectronics, semiconductor, and other industrial applications.  This modular wall system features demountable wall panels in various finishes, integrated doors and vision panels, and versatility that makes it an ideal choice for creating a clean manufacturing space and cost effective solution.   

AES offers various liner wall options (2mm and ½”) for existing facility upgrades.

AES cleanroom doors, cleanroom flooring, and various wall system accessories can be integrated into your new and retrofit projects. 


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