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AES Quality Program

Manufacturers faced with meeting regulatory compliance standards in order to be operational and profitable, know that quality is an ongoing process.  The AES quality program is based on the principle of designing, manufacturing and building cleanroom systems for project success and in accordance with ISO guidelines.

All AES employees are committed to continually improving the systems and processes required to achieve quality outcomes for our customers.  A culture of quality and continuous improvement is embedded in the AES team, from the way the estimating department prepares the bid, the engineering team executes design, the factory manufactures the cleanroom system, to the policies and procedures followed by our construction team in the field.

Construction Quality Plan (CQP)

A Construction Quality Plan is developed for each AES cleanroom project, defining quality performance objectives and compliance to insure that the facility is delivered exactly as intended. The CQP describes how quality activities are documented so that they can be used as part of a turnover package to support the client’s validation efforts. Integral to the CQP, the AES Clean Build Protocol for modular construction maintains optimal clean conditions throughout construction.

The CQP defines the commissioning activities for all systems within the AES scope of work.  This package is generated by AES during the engineering phase and is executed in the field from the first day of construction.


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