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AE/CM Teaming

America’s best known A/E and CM firms integrate AES modular cleanroom systems into their facility projects to deliver maximum value to their customer’s investment.

Faster schedules, predictable cost and dramatically superior finishes are proven benefits of pre-engineered modular cleanroom systems.

AES collaborates with A/E and CM professionals to develop a modular 'turnkey' project execution plan.  For every project, our experienced team develops a "matrix of responsibility" to insure all scope is covered, identify hand-off points, and minimize duplication of efforts.

In certain cases, the A/E and CM join to form the “Infrastructure Team”, providing the structural supports, wet utilities, power, fire protection and any other facility infrastructure needs.  AES then provides the cleanroom "envelope" (walls, ceilings, doors, windows, HEPAs, lights, etc.).  In addition, AES will often design and install the air handling systems ductwork and connections to the HEPA filters serving the clean space.  AES thereby maintains complete responsibility for the architectural finishes and cleanroom performance requirements while the infrastructure remains the responsibility of the building team.  In a sense, AES provides the cleanroom as a drop-in piece of equipment that simply needs to be “plugged in” to the building infrastructure.  The AES modular cleanroom system is often referred to as “the box within the box”.

You can arrange with the AES Project Development Team for a no-cost consultation to develop a "matrix of responsibility" that is best for your project.





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